20th Anniversary Dinner (2001/2002) 庆祝20周年联欢宴会

20th Anniversary Dinner (2001/2002)

President for SIWMA 11th Exco – Mr Tay Kwong Soong present an award to our legal advisor Mr Lim Yong 郑光顺会长颁发奖状给法律顾问林勇大律师 11th Executive Committee Members 第11届(2001/2002)委员 “Yam Seng” Together 敬酒 Blowing the Candles on Special Birthday Cake for SIWMA...


凡经营与铁器有关厂商,赞同本会宗旨者, 皆可申请加入本会为普通会员。

Ordinary membership is open to all ironwork merchant or companies who agree with the objective of the Association.
Join us as member, a strong community will help each other grow.