35 Anniversary 三十五周年

Our Big Milestone

The Singapore Iron Works Merchant Association has been established for more than 3 decades.

Through the years under the good leadership, capable committees and commitment of its members have made it possible for the Association to reach its present status.

There were about 500 over Iron Merchant back in 1981.

Sad to say, there was a lack of interaction among these companies. Thus, the idea of organising an Association to provide room for networking was conceptualised.

It is hoped that the Association will bring forth sharing of skills, ideas and better co-operation to enhance productivity among fellow Iron Merchants.

Our Supporters & Sponsors


凡经营与铁器有关厂商,赞同本会宗旨者, 皆可申请加入本会为普通会员。

Ordinary membership is open to all ironwork merchant or companies who agree with the objective of the Association.
Join us as member, a strong community will help each other grow.